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Refurbishment & Bar Fitting

Grump Monkey bar Southampton
Grumpy Monkey bar Southampton

Modern Bar Fitting

The style of the traditional pub refit has changed dramatically over the years. The rise of themed environments and the projection of a corporate style have made ever-changing demands on the contractor.

Ensuring food and drink presentation is to the highest standard, meeting the needs of both staff and customer. Durable finishes and quality fixtures and fittings all help in providing this benchmark.

Flexible Refurbishment

Always aware that the project may need to remain open throughout the refurbishment, we are able to phase deliveries, out of normal hours if required.

We work with the client to enable a smooth continuation of trading while the transition is made.

Corner bar in a Southampton pub
Corner bar in a Southampton pub
Hardwood restaurant wine cabinets.
Hardwood restaurant wine cabinets

Stand Out From the Crowd

From a waiter station to a complete restaurant interior, our quality joinery will help create a comfortable, inviting experience that will make any restaurant or bar stand out from the crowd.

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