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Camper Kits: What We Do

We build camper conversion kits!

The process of building a camper or van conversion can be arduous, especially when trying to design and cut around vehicle interiors that are rarely square. We take the trouble and guesswork out of plywood construction by producing professionally manufactured plywood kits in a range of premium finishes.

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You have a great idea for a van conversion and begin visualising the layout. Pretty soon the idea starts to require some planning if it’s going to become a reality. Most conversions begin with some ply-lining as a base, then a construction carefully planned and built from accurately cut sheet plywood.

But where to start? Designing and building your camper is going to need careful planning and accurate construction to achieve a quality finish that’s also secure and lightweight. Building a conversion by hand can be hugely time-consuming and troublesome when cutting around awkward shapes of the vehicle interior.

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That’s A Job For Bespoke Camper Company!

We take your brilliant ideas and help turn them into a working reality by designing your camper kit using CAD software. We can offer a choice of professional finishes both painted and laminate or raw ply if you prefer.

We then machine your plywood kit passing the millimeter perfect designs to our CAM-driven CNC machine ensuring a perfect fit. Once it’s ready, you can collect your ready-to-install kit from our workshop or we can deliver it to your door.

Now you can enjoy a straightforward build and a conversion with a premium finish.

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