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Wooden Gate Installation

Delivery Day

We offer an installation service to deliver and install your gates as long as the necessary preparatory building work has been completed. To hang your new gates we will need gate posts or suitable adjacent walls to fix to. See below for some examples.

If you know the style and finish you want, you can give us the dimensions when you place your order so we can get to work. When required, we can visit site to measure up and make recommendations on a suitable solution.

Installing Your New Gates

Gate fixed to a concrete fence post
Gate fixed to a concrete fence post

Gate Posts

Gate posts can be fixed to any existing structure as long as they can be mounted square with space available for the hinge plates to be mounted. Here you can see the gate post has been fixed to a concrete fence post. The hinge plates are typically mounted on either the front or back of the gate post meaning the gate will open in one direction. Gates that are hung to open both ways require a clearance gap to be left between the gate and the gate post. This two-way swing is commonly used for field gates or public gates with high traffic.

Wall Fixing

Installing the gate post to an adjacent wall is a common solution for side gates providing access to the rear of a property. Here the gate post has been fixed to the wall by use of masonry bolts hidden by the hung gate. In this example, a 70mm timber has been used to allow enough room for the width of the hinge plate whilst keeping the gate tight to the wall.

Gate fixed to an adjacent wall
Gate fixed to an adjacent wall
Swan-neck driveway gates
Gates fixed to wooden gate posts

Nothing To Fix To?

Where no existing structure is available for the gates to be hung, posts will need to be erected before we can site fit your gates. 150mm (6″) posts set into the ground are a common solution as pictured.

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